Cheap buy to let mortgages


Huge population growth, sluggish government housing policy and increase in the mobile work force are some of the factors responsible for the recent boom in the demand for rental properties. 

Although, a buy to let investment seems like a profitable venture, yet it can be quite an expensive proposition too. To avail a cheap buy to let mortgage, the loan borrower has to pay a larger amount of deposit. Since most lenders look at your salary and the expected rental income, therefore it is difficult to get a cheap buy to let mortgage. 

However, there is no need to get disheartened, as we not only help you avail a cheap buy to let mortgage but also give you a wide range of products ranging from fixed rate, variable rate, discounted rates to capped rates to choose from here: A fixed rate mortgage allows the borrower to pay a fixed rate of interest, while a variable rate changes in accordance to the base rate or the will of the lender, discounted rates give the borrower the advantage of a fixed discount on the lender’s standard variable rate. In case of capped buy to let mortgages, a limit as to how high the rate can go is set. The lender cannot charge you a rate above that limit. 

Besides this, Easy Buy to Let Mortgages also gives you access to a lot of lenders who can provide you a cheap buy to let mortgage at a reasonable rate, something that most high street lenders do not